What’s Left Behind, a devised collaborative performance of the Accademia dell’Arte MFA cohort from Arezzo (IT) under the pedagogical and artistic guidance of Divadlo Continuo Theatre members at the Plum Yard in Malovice (CZ), October 2018.

limoni 2016. Small explorations of body, landscape & lemons in Chianti, Italy, 2016. A collaboration between Nicole Nigro, Cory Neale, and Lisa Hayes. Sculptures by David Hollander. Huge thanks to La Macina di San Cresci.

limoni (excerpt) 2016. Small explorations of body, landscape & lemons in Chianti, Italy. Much thanks to Lisa Hayes and La Macina di San Cresci.

AUGUR (excerpt) March 2016. Project|Oracle (Maré Hieronimus, Nicole Nigro, Cory Neale) for the CURRENT SESSIONS, Volume VI, Issue I Wild Project, NYC. Video by Jacob Hiss

A work exploring minivans, privilege, and the intersection of joy and grief. Researched at Ponderosa Movement & Discovery in Stolzenhagen, Germany, August 2015. Music: Odetta No copyright infringement intended. Performer/Choreographer: Nicole Nigro Footage: Tessa Kate Broadby Edit: Nicole Nigro

AUGUR is a site-situated traveling performance experiment in consciousness mapping, migration and meaning Co-conceived and Directed by dance artists Maré Hieronimus & Nicole Nigro, and sound artist Cory Neale with Guest Video Artist Jeremy Frindel and Collaborating Performers Maurizio Campani, Rebecca Lloyd-Jones, Brianna MacLellan, Anne Marion-Gallois, Susan Myhr Fritz Video of live performance and video edit by James Sapione August 27, 28 & 29 @ 7:30pm The chashama Summer Performance Series, August 2014

Demo Video: The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, 2003

Elysian Fields - Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre CORE Apprentices, Spring Song 2013. Choreography & Costume Design Nicole Nigro. Music Dan Romer and Benh Zeitlen. Videography Eddie Kastrau. No copyright infringement intended. The creation process centered around the concept of modern day heroes; what does it mean to be a hero today? What kind of qualities would the heroic possess? We played with the importance of kindness, empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and strength. We journeyed with integrity and built our paradise with connection and caring. 

Some Times (excerpt). 2014 at Ponderosa Movement & Discovery, Stolzenhagen, Germany. Co-created by Deborah Black, Paula Montecinos, & Nicole Nigro. Music: The Walkmen, Blue as Your Blood, Lisbon 2010 No copyright infringement intended

photo: angela lewis

go tell fire Spring Song, May 31st, 2015. Choreography: Nicole Nigro. Dancers: Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre's Core Apprentice Company. Music: Heather McIntosh & Peter Jack Rainbird. When I Rise: origin is unknown, believed to have been adapted from a poem by Wendell Berry; Wendell said that he had heard the words from an old Buddhist mantra. No copyright Infringement Intended.

Oracle - A collaborative performance event investigating the role of the oracle in contemporary life presented by The E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Artist Residency, Earthdance Centre for Creative Living Plainfield, MA. 2014 Project Leaders, Sound Artist Cory Neale & Dance Artist Nicole Nigro. Collaborating Dance Artist Maré Hieronimus. Collaborating Musician Alex Kramer. Collaborating Trapeze Artist Adriana Segurado Mendez. The Walking Project Leader Christos Galanis. Video Footage Tanja London. Video Edit Maré Hieronimus. Performance Duration: 4 hours

Effigy - PHANTOM WING: A Pre-demolition Project. Six of Hearts Collective 2013

förstå - Choreography & Direction Nicole Nigro. Camera work/editing Daniel Santana and Sean Sprague. This short film is part of a multi-media dance work to be projected behind a live soloist. Music is "Lykke Li-Dance, Dance, Dance", sound recording administered by: EMI 2009

Title photo courtesy of Jennifer Picard Photography 2013.

Disco Oracle - Dance piece for Nicole Nigro. Music "Fantazja" by Max Skiba. Choreography Jonathan Osborn 2010 jon.m.osborn@gmail.com