wanton words from the twenty-fifth year

It is all part of a process. An understanding that only deepens as life unfolds, as life opens and leaves us bruised, beaten, and exalted. I find comfort in the knowledge that I will endure all of these experiences, all the smiles and the grit that are birthed along with them. The "blood, sweat, and tears", the clichés and innuendos, the lows, the highs, and all the strung out places in between. Tastes of sugar and stale cigarettes, organic apples and cocaine drip, a cats purr and a jackhammer. The list is neverending, the cost is limitless and the reward immeasurable. Fall in love with me, fall out of love with me, let me love you , and do not love me in return. Leave me wasted, breathless, and aroused. Paint my world black and grey and then let me smell the spring. I want to live. I want to scream bloody murder and wage war with the world. I want to sway to sweet symphonies and save endangered species. Suck the marrow out of life.

- n. nigro (2006) 

Posted on January 26, 2014 .