The summer after I graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre I found myself wandering the racks of a fancy shoe shop in Calgary, Alberta. I had just fled from an audition before I'd even been cut (self-doubt reared it's ugly head early) and was attempting to soothe my soul with a little retail distraction. My phone rang. It was the Grossman Company calling to say they wanted me to dance with them next season. I was so overwhelmed, I kept thinking they were inviting me to come and audition. The voice on the other line kept repeating, "No no, you have the job, you have the job." Needless to say I didn't buy any shoes that day.

Thank you Danny. Congratulations on 35 years. 

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After the Danny Grossman Dance Company’s 35 years in existence, with over 50 choreographic works to Danny Grossman’s name, the decision was made to fold the company in order to make way for a new chapter in Danny’s career as he continues to be active in the areas of preservation, licensing his work, coaching and creation.

Michael Richards, Chair of the Danny Grossman Dance Company, remarked: "With the understanding that these funds must be transferred from charity to charity, it is the wish of Danny and the Company’s Board of Directors that the endowment be transferred to Dance Collection Danse, Canada’s national dance archives and a registered charity.  Since 1983, Dance Collection Danse has been active in the areas of dance archiving, publishing, education and research. They currently house the largest collection of Grossman dance archives. It is our hope that with this endowment, Dance Collection Danse will continue to prosper and assist senior dance artists such as Danny Grossman to realize their ambitions in terms of creating a dance legacy."

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Responsible for determining where an endowment fund will be placed, the Ontario Arts Foundation Board of Directors was very pleased to support this request and to confirm the endowment being transferred to Dance Collection Danse.

Established in 1991 as a public foundation to encourage and facilitate private giving to the arts in Ontario, the Ontario Arts Foundation is a non-governmental foundation and a registered charity. The Foundation holds over 300 endowments and funds established by individuals, private foundations, corporations and arts organizations. The Arts Endowment Fund is a program of the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Culture, administered by the Ontario Arts Foundation.

DCD wishes to acknowledge Helen Chapman, former Managing Director of the Grossman Company, and Alan Walker, Executive Director of the Ontario Arts Foundation, for their work in enabling this transition of funds.


Danny Grossman in his work Curious Schools of Theatrical Dancing, 1977
Photo: Andrew Oxenham
Danny Grossman and Judith Hendin in Grossman's work Higher, 1975
Photo: Andrew Oxenham

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Posted on February 7, 2014 .