i ask that you take all of me. for i no longer need myself. take my hands. my belly. my neck. my back. take every breath. every thought. every shudder. take my laughter & my tremble & my tears. take my guts & piss & shit & blood. take every bit of matter i am. i give it all to you.


let my flesh feed you. let my blood sustain you. let my laughter give you joy & peace & ease. let my touch melt away uncertainty. let me steal you an orange — van

& call her “happiness runs”

red & blue — also fine.

let me find you a horse & a goat made of fish. let me make you from the sun with gold heart on head. let me build you a nest & grow bananas out of sea. let me spin for you until i become points of light. let me kiss you in the

winter spring summer fall

let me kiss you when there are no seasons at all. i'll watch you grow. i’ll watch you fail. i’ll watch you wade dangerously. i’ll sway with you.

until we set we free.

-n.nigro 2018

Posted on December 6, 2018 .