if i were to write a letter to you

i don't know how you feel. how easy it is for you to forget me. you love easily and you love often. and in fact, you are in love with someone else. maybe we both used each other to get what we needed. to be fed. but now i sit with these memories. 

the marks you left on my body are fading. a small bruise on my left hip. a red dot on my right shoulder. a fingerprint on my ass cheek. a soft semi-circle on my belly. i imagine myself lying on the kitchen table. a thin layer of flour underneath me. i am in that airy black and white dress. you can only touch me with your mouth. and it arrives everywhere, as it always does. you have made everything intensely erotic. the flap of a bird's wing. the wind on my skin. my hands in the garden. your breath beside me. 

we were salty from the ligurian sea, but i know it is only a beautiful island. four days are easy to fill.

è una bella isola.

-n.nigro 2018

Posted on July 1, 2018 .