for my mama

floating minutes


i remember watching you make us teriyaki chicken breasts

and pots of chili too spicy for the average tongue

you’d put your entire finger in your mouth

so you could slide off your rings

my knuckles are your knuckles


i ran today through fields we've never seen together

and i could hear your voice telling me to “burn out” on the home stretch

the time we spend one on one is pretty effortless

even while hiking to the top tea house with jackets tied around our waists

my legs are your legs


the light here is different than the light at home

warm and thick bouncing off of Lela’s eyes

there are stars in your sky right now

and i wonder if you can see the prairies when Louie looks up at you

my pupils are your pupils


in the mornings we’d dance to Sonny and Cher

i can feel you grab my hand to guide me close

your ribs would expand with every smile

“i got you, babe”

my lungs are your lungs


you once hung a piece of petrified wood on the wall

because it reminded you of my foot

you’d found it on the beach near ‘singing woods'

and you nailed a tiny hole in the middle toe

my feet are your feet


it’s been 278 days since i last saw you

i can’t remember what you wore to the airport

we’ve been saying goodbyes for over 20 years

sometimes i still cry when the plane takes off

my tears are your tears


i know your love for me has changed your life

made you search for certainty and suspended your minutes

sometimes i cracked your bones and left you empty

i hope i filled you too

with love

and wonder

and awe


my heart is your heart

— n.nigro 2018

Posted on May 28, 2018 .