maybe I can have a funeral for you 

all the parts that pulse and want and sweat and need

all the parts that come alive when he looks at me

maybe I can have a funeral for all the parts that burn

am I resigned to your goodness

to your quiet, caring, faithful love

will I suffocate in my familiarity 

disappear from your gaze 

all of this is because of you

all of this joy

all of this pain

every beautiful vista sits in your palm

and I want to throw it all away for a frenzied hand playing my ribs

 castelfiorentino. maggio 2018.

castelfiorentino. maggio 2018.

the bits that burn and leave you breathless 

they can’t remain forever 

if they lasted they would eat us up

but how much I long for that tender madness 

and to see him is to taste it

with tears streaming down my face


I don’t quite know how it all passes and drifts away

time stealing desire from our hearts

our palms

our eyes

familiarity rendering me invisible

- n.nigro 2018

Posted on May 29, 2018 .